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Some thoughts on jobs.

I have been talking to a lot of people lately, and I have seen more of them without jobs than I ever have before. Downturns, Layoffs, Companies closing, etc. What strikes me the most is that despite knowing that we are in a different kind of economy, and despite knowing from history what a downturn, or a recession, or even a depression does to the workforce. Lots and lots of people are looking for jobs for many months or even years, unwilling to change their mind about what “They Do” or what “They are worth”. It seems that as a whole, the people of the United States have forgotten that what we “are worth” is completely determined by the market. What a company would pay for a qualified employee in the best of times, might be drastically different than what they are willing to, or even able to pay for the same employee during the times that are not so hot.

It also seems that there are far fewer people willing to start a business, work independently or for multiple companies in smaller increments etc. Even though history would suggest that this is the BEST time to start a business, to find new ways to be valuable to people or companies in new ways.

We simply have to change our minds. We have to look for a little more of the original spirit that forged our country. We have to realize that we do not have a “Right” to a job, and that having a job was never the American Dream. The opportunity is HERE NOW but it takes courage, it takes commitment, it takes effort!

Change your mind! If you are without employment and you are not earning now, what do you risk? We have to stop wishing for the world that was, the economy that was, and the jobs of yesteryear. We have to look at our circumstances as they are, we have to see the world as it is. We then have to act in accordance with the world that is, with the now that presents itself to us.

You can stand around and complain that there are no jobs, or you can go find a way to be VALUABLE to someone else. After all if you are looking for a job that is really what you are doing, you are looking for a spot where you can be of sufficient value so as to be paid for it. Starting a new business of any kind is the same, look for a way that you can apply yourself in a way that is valuable to another, if there is someone willing to pay you a wage for that GREAT, if there is not, but there are folks who will pay you directly for the product or service…. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

My good friend Carol is nearly famous for saying “most of you are waiting, I don’t know what you are waiting for, but you are waiting…”

Stop waiting and start acting, change your mind, change your actions, change your reality.

Nobody will do it for us, we must do this for ourselves. We have to do SOMETHING.

You never know, along the way you might just rediscover the American Dream.

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