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A Team Lost


Once upon a time, there was a group of people who came to work with me. They came from all over, from many different places, and from many different circumstances and to begin with they came just for a job, just to make a living, and perhaps to learn a little, but somewhere along the line, it changed.

I used to think that it changed in them, and I believe that in fact they all did change while there, but that is not what I mean. I thought for the longest time that it was they who changed, but in fact, I know now, that it was me who changed and that it was because of them. It was they who changed me, offering all of their talent and work, offering their friendship and caring. Offering to each other their help and dedication, and their willingness to come face to face with confrontation and challenge, to do again and again tasks that others could not, would not, or just preferred not to do. Always smiling and having fun.

You changed my life my friends, you let me know that it was all possible and reminded me what was important. I hope you know how much I miss you. It was you, who inspired me to reach out again.

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  • Hello Mark,
    I just wanted to say that my experience in Las Vegas under your guidance and friendship was one of the most inspiring times in my life. Something I needed to take the next step in my own personal evolution.

    Your words, recommended reading material and general openness has inspired me beyond words. Everyday since, I have tried to catch myself and dismiss any rumblings of inner “fear”. Sure I have worries like any other person but I have adopted the attitude that I am not a victim, nor will I be held down by fear or circumstance.

    I have taken a large leap of faith in myself recently. Needing to quench my thirst for adventure while growing my photographic portfolio and learning more about this process through experience, patience and grace I have ventured out. I am currently 26 days into a cross Canada road trip that has taken me places I would have never seen otherwise. I camp, I sleep in my vehicle most nights and I drive, alone and inspired. I have shot some of my best work of late and have taken so many shots I will have months of work to edit when I finally get home.

    Thank you for reminding that it’s alright to dream and chase those dreams down. That really, there are no excuses for not doing so.

    All the best,

  • I have to say that I am honored by you. To be included in your team and listed here among your personal heroes moves me to tears. Although I read this post before, I am inspired now to comment. I learned so many things from you and had the once-in-a-lifetime privilege to work among the most talented individuals I have ever met. The experience has ruined me for anything less, and yet I know I will never find it again.

    So, I hold on, I keep in touch, and I count each and every person among my family. We are still co-workers…we just work apart now. We are members of a diaspora that has spanned across the country and even national borders. We are still UNBREAKABLE…because of what we learned from you, Mark. Thank you for being who you are. You, and the team make the mark that Vegas left on me worth it all.

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